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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is a Model Manager? 

A: A model manager helps mold your career as a model, teaches and shows you direction. A model manager is not an agent (whose only role is to obtain employment).  A Model Manger is not a publicist (whose role is to generate publicity) read below for a detailed description.

Q:Are there any up front fees to join?

A: No there are no fees to sign with Fashionista Modeling       

Q: How much are photo shoots?

A: Your only investment would be in your photos for your portfolio cost per shoot ranges everywhere from $50-$250 depending on number of edited photos and wardrobe changes

Q:What is a Port? and Why is it so important?

A. A port is your portfolio that stays with you for years to come its a 8x10 book which holds are your best photos used as your "modeling resume" . Employers immediately ask for you port to book you for a modeling job.


Model Manger

· Model Manager provides Portfolio Management
· Model Manager Schedules all Photo Shoots
· Model Manager Provides Practice Shoot options
· Model Manager helps you with Posing & Facial   Expressions
· Model Manager finds all the right photographers for model
· Model Manager arranges and schedules all jobs such as: Photo Shoots, Video Shoots, Runway Shows, hair, and makeup or any other paid modeling job or voluntary job
· Model Manager finds all the best deals photography, makeup, wardrobe, and hair wise to keep prices low for model. If Model wants to do TFP or TFCD then he/she must discuss beforehand with Robert Bonilla Model Manager.
· Model Manager speaks for the model for any type of modeling job, Photo Shoot, Runway Show, Hair, and Makeup or any other paid job or voluntary job. Model should always refer any and all calls, messages, emails and any other form of contact to Robert Bonilla, Model Manager so that he can arrange and make sure everything is legit, safe, and secure .
· Model Manager makes sure model is always comfortable with any modeling job, or photo shoot   
· Model Manger reviews all paperwork before model signs
· Model Manager Provides Modeling Direction
· Model Manager is notified re: jobs and opportunity then refers Model to gain experience in the modeling industry   
· Model Manager helps prepare Model for Job Opportunities  
· Model Manager is responsible and makes sure the model is heading in the right direction they chose as a model
· Model Manager is responsible for everything and anything that enhances the development of a Models Career
· Model Manager provides long term career plans
· Model manager lives the Models career every day behind the scenes
· Model Manager is committed to and involvement in the models career is 100%
· Model Manager is the driving force breaking through the barriers of frustration and difficulty so often encountered in the modeling industry
· Model Manager is the person who believes in and keeps fighting for the model when all others have given up